And the Emmy Goes to… Me?


As this photo shows, I once accepted an Emmy award.

Okay a regional Emmy, but still… it’s the same winged chick holding the atom.

That’s pretty random.  How the hell did that happen? you might say.  Well, it all started when I got asked to do a TV commercial for Washington, DC’s public television station WETA.  The commercial featured me, sharpening a knife, naked from the waist up trying to appear sexy, but mostly looking embarrassed.  The tagline was Get Cookin’ — it was a promo for a cooking show.

The spot got nominated for a regional Emmy in the Promotion: Station Image category along with six other spots.  DC must have a lot of cooking fans because the spot won.  The producer was running late and wasn’t there to accept the award, so I marched up and accepted for her.

In my acceptance speech I thanked the Academy, declared that I was “king of the world,” and got a nice laugh with, “Does that twenty foot video monitor behind me make my ass look fat?”

I’m pretty sure I was drunk.

About Steve Altes

Steve Altes is the author of several humor books, dozens of humorous adventure essays, and the comedic graphic novel Geeks & Greeks, set at MIT and inspired by MIT's culture of hacking and Steve's own experiences with hazing.
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